What is Henna?

Henna is a plant that grows in hot and arid climates. The leaves of the Henna bush (Lawsonia inermis) contain the natural dye.
Henna leaves are harvest and dried then ground to a fine powder. We import this powder direct from a Certified Organic supplier in Rajasthan, India

Is Henna Safe?

Yes Henna is safe. Allergies and reactions to natural henna are extremely rare. If you have had a reaction to henna in the past it is very likely due to the artist using premade cones that are full of artificial dyes and other unknown, unsafe ingredients. Always ask your artist what is in their paste. Do they make it fresh?
If you have a known G6PD condition then please alert your artist. G6PD is a very rare condition and you would likely have been diagnosed at a young age, and been told to avoid Fava Beans and Henna.

Our Henna is made FRESH using certified organic henna, 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Fructose, Lemon Juice and water.

I have just had henna applied, what do I do now?

  • The Henna Paste will take around 20 minutes to dry, during this time be extra careful not to smudge it.
  • Once dry, try and leave the paste on for as long as possible, 4+hours if you can.
  • Remove the paste by scraping off, DO NOT WASH OFF
  • Try and avoid water for 24 hours if possible.
  • The initial colour will appear bright orange and will darken over the next 48 hours

How long does it last?

When cared for Henna designs will last 1 to 2 weeks depending on the person, lifestyle and skin type. Keep the area moisturised and avoid scrubbing.

How do you make Henna Paste?

Visit our Recipe page HERE

How do I remove the Henna?

Time is the only sure fire way to remove a henna stain but strenuous activities, lots of bathing or swimming (especially in chlorinated water and regular exfoliating will speed up the process

Do you offer Black or White Henna?

Short answer NO!
Henna is a plant and only comes in ONE COLOUR. Which is the reddish brown as seen in the stain photo's on this site.
Black Henna is sadly, normally a very dangerous mix with added Paraphenyladiamine (PPD). This is a very dangerous chemical Dye that can cause life long internal organ complications and cause burns and scarring on the skin. If anyone offers you Black Henna, just say NO!
White henna is also not henna. It is usually made from a body paint and medical adhesive mix and lasts around 3 days. Unlike henna, white 'henna' does not stain the skin but stays topical and can be easily removed